Have you ever done this?

My son was driving home from college a couple weeks ago for spring break. He was with some of his friends and he accidently got on the PA turnpike going east instead of west. It’s 5 miles and seems like an eternity before you get to the next exit to turn around.

He was still annoyed and kinda laughing at himself at the same time when he arrived home. He shared that what frustrated him so much was that he knew which way to go, since he’s gotten on and off that exit seemingly a bazillion times.

Between unexpected traffic and taking the wrong turn, his plans of arriving home in time to make his friends dinner were derailed and they ended up going to the local burger joint.

Not the worst experience to have and yet when it comes to your business you probably started the year with plan, life happened and you didn’t achieve what you want. If that is the case, you aren’t alone, 92% of people don’t achieve their goals.

I don’t want you to be one of them.

It’s easy to take a turn that you didn’t mean to or have events come up that you couldn’t have possibly have planned for. The questions is, how do you get back on track or pivot to realign your actions to meet your goals.

If you are anything like me, having someone outside of myself show me how I can make a couple of quick shifts that I hadn’t thought of is really beneficial.

So, if you aren’t where you would like to be in at the moment, I’d like to invite you to a complimentary 30 minute strategy call to realign, reset, and restart for the second quarter. I know you have some really big goals to achieve this year and I am committed to seeing you make them happen.

if you are ready to rock April and beyond, don’t wait to get on my calendar. Book now because I only have 5 spots for people who are committed to up-leveling their business.

Much Love,