Everyone once in a while I have conversations with my kids that affect me greatly. Whatever they are experiencing is so relevant to what everyone goes through at one point or another and I am sharing this one because it could impact yours.

I was hanging with my kid the other day and were talking about eating healthier. My kid has scoliosis and a leg length discrepancy where his left leg is 1.5cm shorter than the right. He plays defensive tackle on the varsity football team so he’s a big kid, in general. We had just seen a new orthopedic doc and she wanted him to lose a little weight and strengthen his core to improve the scoliosis.

I knew my kid had been visiting Wawa a bit more than usual, so we were talking about what we could do to include healthier choices at home that weren’t requiring a ton more prep time for either of us. Mid-sentence he stopped and said to me, ”I feel like a bad person when don’t make healthy choices”.

I was floored.

In my first business as a health coach, I heard some variation of this pretty regularly, but I thought I had taught both my kids what emotional eating looked like and the guilt that many people experience. We continued talking and he said the more he felt bad about eating unhealthy stuff the more he did it.

I shared with him that frequently when people do that, it’s because they aren’t valuing themselves. They don’t see their self-worth. It resonated with him.

Not wanting him to feel like he was the only one I shared a bunch times in the past where the “I’m not good enough” conversation was running my world. Things like not asking for a raise and even accepting a position that didn’t pay enough in college. Not charging enough when I first started my business and many other moments.

The relief on his face became evident and I could see his whole body relax as I further shared that what you put in your body is one of the best ways to honor and take care of yourself because it makes such a difference in how you feel. A little eye roll from him and a smile.. “I know. I know. Eat veggies, be more productive”

Why am I sharing this with you?

I want to remind you that we ALL have moments of not being all that we could be regardless of where you are in life or business. Maybe you are taking on a new project or ready to step into something really big with your business and you are wondering if you are meant to do that work. Who are you to bring something amazing to the world? I’ll ask you. Who are you not?

Secondly.. the best thing I’ve done for my kid in a really long time was share all the places I had stopped myself and how I had failed.. repeatedly.

He thought I had all my shit together.. like I was perfect. (and believe me, while I am pretty together, I am far from perfect.) That conversation gave us an opening for even more conversations about the stuff that goes on in our head and the stories we make up. Whether you have kids or not, I ask you to reach out to a younger person, an employee or maybe a friend you are close to and start a conversation where there can be open dialogue, and no one is wrong. Imagine if we came clean about all the things we are afraid of and let it go?

What could you accomplish and how would the world change?

If you want a little support growing your confidence and playing a bigger game check out my next couple of speaking gigs below. I am here to help you break through to the next level.