I never thought riding the train would be where I had my best lessons in sales. While visiting New York City a couple weeks ago I encountered several people asking for money.

Not the usual experience when I travel to NYC. I was a bit surprised, not only at the occurrence, but the different ways that each one asked.

The first gentleman connected with someone who had the same birthday as him. Acknowledging her birthday and wishing her well… loudly enough so most of us in that train car could hear, yet with great respect.

He then started reciting a poem that he repeated several times. He talked about who he was and why this was important as he walked up and down the aisle of the train. He made his ask confidently and the other train riders very quickly opened their wallets.

The other two gentlemen had very different approaches. One very typical in what you would expect from someone asking for money from a stranger; He was slumped over and holding a sign. The other, a bit more creative, spoke to people and asked if they could share.

Neither one did as well as the first gentleman.


He created Know, Like, and Trust.

He established a connection right away and acknowledged others. He was clear in his purpose and the poem that he recited. and perhaps the most important piece; He gave value before he ever asked for a dollar.

The same is true for your clients.

People buy from people who they feel a connection with and who they believe are authentic.

He also gave something of value. His poem was amazing. It was fun to listen to and I saw many people smiling in response to it.

Building know, like, and trust AND adding value, even before your client buys from you, are two main ingredients in creating growth in your sales.

And who doesn’t want more sales… consistently?

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Much Love,