Everybody has limiting or negative thoughts at some point… even the most “positive” person. It’s how you deal with those thoughts that matters. Tony Robbins has admitted that not everything in his head is 100% sunshine and roses.

The difference is how Tony (and you) chooses to manage those thoughts.

Will you excuse yourself from making the call because you don’t want to “push yourself on someone”? Will you keep your pricing too low because “people won’t pay for what you offer?”

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Maddie Brown on her podcast  Smashing Numbers and I share how one of the most harmful impacts of limiting thoughts you can experience as an entrepreneur and service provider is not valuing yourself, your product, or your service enough… and not making the money you deserve as a result.

We explore the practical and mental tasks you must do to turn that around, as well as…

  • 3+ ways to actively re-train your brain and embrace positivity
  • Eliminating shame and guilt around money
  • How to pinpoint negativity – it’s not always obvious
  • Why you must run your business according to core values – and how to do it
  • And more

Listen now…