I was going to write about something else until I had this moment where I was stuck on the wording for the last couple of paragraphs because I wanted to offer you something that I’m so super excited about because of the results you could have. I’ve been working on it for a long time and I wanted it to be “right”.

It would have been so easy spend an hour or just not finish what I was writing in an attempt to “make it perfect”. Perfection-itis is like the death of all great ideas.

It’s also something all of my clients have experienced as well and pretty much every other entrepreneur I’ve talked at any length with. (I’m a recovering perfectionist)

You want to put quality out there. Something that serves, possibly even inspires and yet waiting for things to be perfect will stop you dead in your tracks.

Things like continuing to make tweaks to your website for days on end.

Waiting until you have the “right” idea to write the blog.

Not attending networking events because you haven’t quite memorized your 30 Second Pitch.

Not launching your course or program because the graphics aren’t done.

Your people won’t see your stuff the same way you do, and they won’t notice what you think is missing or not perfect.

Get comfortable with your version of Good Enough.

Good Enough is where you’re happy with what you’re putting out there. Good Enough will get you far more results than perfection will, any day of the week because it’s done and done is what will attract clients.

As for that offer I almost held this up for, here’s the deal:

I’m in the process of creating something for you that is designed to help you experience massive success in your business.


Do you want more clients, more FREEDOM and more money?

Are you ready share your PASSION?

Do you want to become a POWERFUL Influencer?

Are you ready for a life you truly LOVE?


The end of October I’m launching a new membership community called The Tribe of Leaders. It’s something that I have been playing with for the last 6 months and was born from my frustration of having to figure stuff out on my own, sometimes not knowing I should ask and sometimes because I couldn’t find the right person to ask.


I know I’m not alone here, because I’ve spoken with so many other entrepreneurs who have experienced the same thing. More than once, simple tools and support have eluded us, but  once you get them, everything just makes more sense and becomes easier.


That’s what I want for you; to make building your business and your dream easier, and to have it happen, sooner.


The Tribe of Leaders Membership Community will include training in sales, marketing, mindset, well-being, spirituality, leadership and finance, just to get started. There will be monthly masterminds, live and virtual events and so much more.


Moreover, it will be a place to connect, grow and prosper. A true community, working together to support each other.

If this is something you might be interested in learning more about, I would ask you to do this. In the comments below type “Yes! I want to know more”!


This will get you on the short list for a few bonuses and special pricing.


It’s time the world heard your voice. Let’s make it easier.


Much Love,