I am a list maker. I love lists, especially my To-Do list. It gives me amazing joy to cross stuff off… as in I’m the one who will put it on the list as I’m doing it, just so I can cross it off. Yes, really!

Even if you aren’t into lists like I am, working your to-do list is a powerful tool. You will not only become more organized, but you will also get more done because you are more focused and, my personal favorite, you will forget less stuff.

All of that should equal greater success and feeling like a rock star on a more regular basis, right?

Except for most of you, it’s just one more place to see where you are inadequate because you didn’t get everything checked off when you expected to.

Please, let me re-frame your to-do list or any other timeline or project you are working on.


Your to-do list is not about getting it all done. It’s about getting results.

So what if you didn’t get all five tasks on your to-do list completed? The three major tasks that you were able to complete, you knocked out of the park; especially since they were tasks that drive revenue into your business!

As a business owner, there is always something else to do; Another piece you could tweak or improve. What will create success is knowing what tasks you need to move forward on and what can wait.

Do I love when I check everything off my to-do list? Of course! I also know that everything is fluid and if I beat myself up over the small stuff, I’m going to miss the big successes by ignoring the results I create.


Much Love,


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