Besides sex, money is the one topic we don’t talk about. It’s taboo. How often have you shared your income with your friends? What about your debt, or even your savings goal?”

Most of us have grown up hearing sayings like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “Money is the root of all evil”. I have heard many women utter that they aren’t good with numbers or don’t manage money well. Believing in those stories, and they are stories (when you look at the facts, women manage money better than men… sorry guys.), create limitations.

Here’s the deal; Whatever your thoughts regarding money, it’s going to show up in your business and the bottom line is, while you love what you are doing, the point is to make money.

Take a few minutes and think about your business financial mindset.

  • Do you worry about the competition taking your customers?
  • Do you not make investments in your business that you know would help you because you “don’t have the cash right now”?
  • Do you know what you are generating every month, what your expenses are and what you need in sales to grow and meet your goals? Do you have financial goals?

If your attention is focused on worrying about why that prospect chose someone else over you or you’re avoiding looking in your bank account to see what the balance is, you can’t make smart decisions.

What your focus is what you will create more of.

You have two choices here. Either continue focusing on what isn’t or start shifting your thoughts to something more abundant.

In the abundance mindset, it doesn’t matter how many competitors you have. When someone chooses your competitor over you, find out why. What can you learn? Look at these moments as a way to gain information on what you can do better to increase your brand… and your value. It’s all just information and the meaning you give it is up to you.

How powerful would it be to be excited about paying your bills? What would it be like to feeling grateful that you have the cash to pay them, regardless of how tight your budget may be. Have you ever delayed sending an invoice? Money is energy and getting paid is about your clients honoring the value you are about to give or have given them… so get on it; bill promptly.

The next time you are looking at investing in something that is more than what you currently have in your bank account, think about where your mindset is at.

Are you reacting out of fear of not having enough or are you looking at all the benefits if you make the investment? What is the ROI? Will investing $10,000 now help you make $100,000? If yes, then figure it out and make the investment.

Personally, I think about time and ROI for almost everything I’m looking at spending my money on. What am I getting for that investment. How will it make me more money, give me more ease, or help me grow?

For the next week I challenge you with this: Get excited about your money… what you make, the debt, the money you want to bring in. It all has positive experiences for you to expand with.

Much Love,