There has been more than one occasion, particularly when I’m in the throes of content creation where I haven’t left my house other than to walk the dogs around our development for days. My kids start wondering if I’ve showered.

Usually around day 3 it hits me, as I leave my development on some household errand… like buying food to fill the empty fridge, that there is this whole other world going on, living its life at a different pace than mine.

Those are the moments when being an entrepreneur becomes most isolating; even despite social media, zoom meetings and client calls. There isn’t anyone like me in my neighborhood, my friends don’t necessarily know what I do, even though I’ve explained it, nor do they get why I work when I work.

I was raised as a super independent do-it-yourselfer. I was taught I could take on anything, figure it out, and master it.  It wasn’t until I attended a three-day event over a year ago did it occur to me that maybe all the “no worries, I got this covered.” wasn’t the best way.

At this event, what I fell into was an amazing community of other kinda weird, like minded, purpose driven entrepreneurs. To my independent minded self, they had great ideas that made my life soooooooo much easier. They provided support and they connected me to other great people. They have even become my friends and mentors.

Community, the place where people share and embrace your weird has become a life line.

My experience in that community led me to start my own through the Facebook Group, Lifestyle for Leaders.

It is a place support, connection, knowledge and love.

It is a place where you can find others who share your passion

It is a safe place to express your weird.

If you aren’t already a member, I invite you to join the community.

Be in a place where you can get out of your head, make new friends and grow your business.


Much Love,