Generally speaking, I believe that the emotion of anger is a waste of time.  It sucks every ounce of your life force way force out of you and, let’s face it, very little productivity comes out of it. The exception is that in rare times it can fuel massive inspiration.

Here’s what I mean…

Think about the last time you were really pissed off about something. How long did you stew about whatever it was that upset you? Did you lose sleep? Snap at someone you cared about?

It’s happened to all of us.

I’m no different than you. Things upset me, frustrate me, and make me angry. How I handle it is what gets me back to that calm and chill state…faster.  I focus on what stories I might be fabricating that aren’t really true. I look at how I can do things differently and how I can release the energy as quickly as possible, so I’m not lying awake at night having conversations in my head with someone who could be miles and miles away. Changing the world rarely happens at 3am.

That rare exception when anger is helpful is when you can channel being pissed off into being unstoppable.

Years ago, as I was trying to open a restaurant, every step I took felt like climbing a mountain. I pitched my concept to six banks trying to get a loan.

I needed to raise funds and was turned down over and over again. When it came to researching and finding investors, I had no idea where to start or what I would need to present in order to pitch them.

I had spent months teaching myself how to project financials for five years out and writing a business plan that was longer than most PhD’s dissertations.

People were telling me I was nuts and there was no way I would raise the capital.

That pissed me off… big time.

I stewed for days and even spent one of my son’s baseball games running on the nearby track. The only thing that kept going through my head, sounding like a Drill Sergeant, was “I’m going to make this fucking happen”.  For about 45 minutes, round and round I went.

I finished that run both physically and mentally drained, but I also had come to a deep clarity. There was no way I was going to give up and I knew, somehow, that I would find the money I needed to open the restaurant.

I started calling the banks back and researching investors. The universe must have been listening, because a few days after that run one investor showed up, and then another. The first bank I pitched to called me back and I had an appointment to discuss a potential deal.

There will be times in your business when you get pissed off. It’s whether or not you let the emotion stop you and keep you from reaching your dreams that matter.

The more clarity you have about how unstoppable you are, the more the universe will deliver.

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It’s time to work differently, create new partnerships, and be part of something bigger.

It’s time the world heard your voice.


Much Love,