I don’t know about you, but I slow down during the summer months. My kids are home, I want to enjoy the summer sun… and my latest pair of flip flips.

It doesn’t mean that my business comes to a grinding halt though. I still have clients to serve and usually my creative juices kick in with the down time, so I’m working on which ideas we should bring to fruition.

Part of why my business doesn’t slow-down is because of what I do consistently every week no matter what.

The actions I take consistently have given me more freedom to play this summer even while my business continues to grow.

What is it I do I every week? Well, I can’t share everything (because you would be reading forever!!), but these are the main things that will help you consistently increase your potential

  • Make a list of people to reach out to – Sometimes they are people I haven’t connected with personally on LinkedIn or Facebook, sometimes they are friends or other people I have networked with and haven’t seen in a while.
  • Contact them to connect and see how you can support – Whether it’s a private message, email, phone call or I have the privilege of meeting for coffee in person or via Zoom, I ask how I can support them. I’m there to build a relationship. Naturally, the other person will ask the same and I’m prepared with an ask.
  • Keep track of these individuals and plan to follow-up – I track who I have reached out to, our conversation, what I’m following up with, and when I’m going to reach back out if appropriate.

It’s amazing how just doing those three things help me make more connections and grow my business. It’s also one of the things that makes me different. I follow up…repeatedly and I do what I say I will do.

That’s the difference. As one of my former clients shared with me before we worked together. “You are the only one who calls to check in every month and even though I’m not quite ready to get started, I know you are the one I’m going to work with.”

It can take up to 20 touchpoints before someone will become a client. Yes, some people will sign on right away and that’s awesome. As for everyone else, keep track and keep following up.

Much Love,